Tritton on Aging and Leadership at C&T Summit

What insights on aging can cosmetics R&D learn (and apply) from cancer research? Thomas R. Tritton will explore this subject at the Cosmetics & Toiletries Summit (June 26–27, 2014, at the University of Pennsylvania) where he will present, “Cancer and Aging: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” In recent years, industry leaders have expressed interest in the mechanisms of telomeres, stem cells and epigenetics, among others—all of which link to findings from cancer research. What other insights could this highly examined field provide? In addition, Tritton also will address fostering leadership in R&D.

Tritton is a member of the Corporation of Haverford College, vice chair of the Board of Trustees at Ohio Wesleyan University, and member of the board of directors for the Fox Chase Cancer Center and the Greater Philadelphia Life Sciences Congress. He is a former president of both Haverford College and president and CEO of the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF), and serves as a senior fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation and a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to joining CHF, he was president-in-residence at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and was a professor of pharmacology at Yale University and the University of Vermont (UVM). At UVM, he served as deputy director of the Vermont Comprehensive Cancer Center and vice provost of the university.

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