Sensory Congress Announced for Summer 2009

Cosmetic Valley will hold the Cosmetic & Sensory Congress this summer during its 2009 Rencontres de la Cosmetic Valley (the group's annual meeting). On June 24-26, in Tours, France, the congress will gather scientists and professionals to explore new paths open to the perfume and cosmetics business through novel research carried out on the senses.

Although the event was initiated by the Cosmetic Valley, it is also a result of a collaboration with AromAgri and RCP. Over the last 15 years, thanks to the boom in scientific findings in the field of smell and taste neurophysiology, as well as touch, sight and hearing, a new approach on sensory perception of perfumes and cosmetics may be taken today.

Paving the way for new innovations, sensory perception thus becomes a genuine stake in the beauty industry. There are ever more tools and technology (like sensory analysis, sensory mapping,sensory design, etc) that provide better understanding of sensory perception. The congress will allow attendees to compare findings, to present methods of working on comfort and wellbeing and to identify industrial applications to create innovative polysensorial cosmetics.

Over 15 international scientists, sociologists, marketing professionals, etc. will discuss eight main themes at the congress including: socio-historical approaches; molecular, cellular and neurobiological bases of olfaction; language and classification of odors and sensations; psychobiology of emotions; multisensory integration, memory and culture; methods for human sensory evaluation methods; sensory marketing; research an industry trends. The congress will also include workshops to stimulate and experiment with the senses.

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