in-cosmetics Asia Announces Details of 2013 Innovation Seminars

At in-cosmetics Asia 2013, a comprehensive program of free-to-attend seminars have been created to uncover the latest developments in personal care, as well as help manufacturers and brand owners identify new opportunities for innovative product design. In fact, more than 25 exhibitor-led Innovation Seminars illustrate the industry’s thirst for developing new ingredients that address real consumer concerns.

Exhibitor Innovation Seminars

Cell proliferation declines as people age, resulting in rough and dry skin. Mibelle Biochemistry will show how its PhytoCellTec Symphytum restores regeneration vitality by stimulating the proliferation of isolated epidermis stem and enhancing the synthesis of hyaluronic acid as shown in 3D epidermis models.

Skin whitening is one of the most important categories in skin care in Asia, but there is also increasing talk of transparent skin brightening. Ichimaru Pharcos will show why the prevention of melanin generation is still the most common method for skin whitening, and it will also introduce new ways to target the corneum and dermis, opening up more opportunities for manufacturers.

Consumers experiment with hair styling to express individuality and increase self-confidence. DSM Nutritional Products helps manufacturers tap into the trend for styled hair with its presentation on TILMAR Fix A140, which is a simple to use fixative polymer that provides strong hold and control for long-lasting hair styling

Other companies presenting include Evonik, Gattefossé, Lonza, Solabia and Unwha Corporation—covering topics such as skin firmness, UV protection, color cosmetics and hair care.

Market Data Provided

The Marketing Trends Presentations drill down to the core of hot industry topics such as men’s cosmetics, digital marketing, cosmeceuticals, hair care and anti-aging, and include a special focus on Korea—the show’s country focus for 2013.

Beauty buyers are not one homogeneous group and products need to match the needs and desires of consumers of all ages and personality types. Demonstrating the power of segmentation, Vivienne Rudd of Mintel Beauty and Personal Care examines two groups at opposite ends of the age spectrum: teens/tweens and seniors.

The presentation will take a look at how younger consumers are increasingly becoming a focus for brands. Beauty’s share of CPG launches for 5–17 year olds has risen from 24.2% in 2010 to 28.1% in 2012, with a majority of products focusing on skin care for pre-adult skin and color cosmetics. Conversely, the session shows that the manufacturers may be missing a trick in the aging market with proportionate product launches declining, despite an aging population.

Daniel Bone of Datamonitor will offer an in-depth look at the future direction of anti-aging to give brand owners an insight into where they can focus product development strategies to maximize success. Attendees will also have the chance to hear exclusive new data about global consumer attitudes to anti-aging. Bone will also present "best-in-class" case studies.

Although a mature market for cosmetics, Japan is drawing inspiration from elsewhere to drive growth among its younger consumers. In particular South Korea’s dynamic market is challenging Japan’s all-in-one beauty routine with its longer beauty application process of upwards of 15 products each day. Florence Bernardin from Information and Inspiration delivers an engaging presentation that unearths the differences and similarities between both markets where trends such as "not time," active aging and optimism and generosity are exerting their influence on consumer choices.

Additional details about the educational program at in-cosmetics Asia is available here.

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