SCC Announces Technical Program for Annual Scientific Seminar

The Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) has announced the speaker lineup for its Annual Scientific Seminar, which will be held May 31–June 1, 2012, at the Charleston Marriott in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Area IV, which encompasses the Carolina, Florida, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast chapters of the SCC, will be the third area to host a seminar. The seminar’s technical program was arranged by the Committee on Scientific Affairs (COSA), which is chaired this year by Martha Tate, PhD, from the Kimberly-Clark Corp.

The seminar will begin on Thursday morning with Session A–Scientific Approach to Sustainability, which will be moderated by Michael Fevola, PhD, of Johnson & Johnson. The session will open with the Henry Maso Keynote Award Lecture from John Warner, PhD, of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC. Warner will present “Green Chemistry: The Missing Element of Materials Design.” Other featured papers include Camille Sasik, PhD, from Aveda Corp., presenting “Development of Sensory Test Methodology for the Identification of Sustainable Polymers for Hair Styling Applications;” Robert Predale of Johnson & Johnson, presenting “Greening the Supply Chain to Develop More Sustainable Formulations;” and Robert Peoples, PhD, of the American Chemical Society, presenting “The ANSI/NSF/GCI 355 Standard: a Tool for Greener Formulations.”

Session B–Skin Protection/Barrier on Thursday afternoon will be moderated by Karl Lintner, PhD, of Kali’dees Beauty Ideas. This session will include presentations from Ingo Schellenberg, PhD, of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, with “Validation of an AMD HPTLC Separation Method for Determination of Skin Lipids and their Identification by Using TLC MS Interface;” Isabelle Imbert, PhD, of ASI Vincience, with “Lipidic Homeostasis is Essential to Maintain Skin Barrier Structure and Function Through Aging and Environmental Insults;” Smitha Rao of Lonza Personal Care, with “Secrets to Improving Skin Barrier Function at the Cellular Level;” and Russel Walters, PhD, of Johnson & Johnson, with “Mapping SDS Permeation and Interaction with Stratum Corneum Lipids by Vibrational Spectrocopy.”

On Friday morning, Howard Epstein, PhD, of EMD Chemicals will moderate Session C–Molecular Biology of Skin. Philip Ludwig of Lonza Personal Care will present “Application of Rice Meristem Cultures to Human Skin Promotes Rejuvenation at the Epigenetic, Protein and Macro Level.” Other featured presentations include “Opiod Receptor Delta 1 (OPRD1) as a Global Modulator of Skin Differentiation” by Giorgio Dell’Acqua, PhD, of Induchem AG; “Effect of a Moisturizing Active Ingredient on the Expression of Barrier Function-Related Genes and on Aquaporin Production," by Sandy Dumont, PhD, of Seppic; and “Glycation and Glycotoxins in Skin: Inhibition and Reversal?” by Karl Lintner, PhD, of Kali’dees Beauty Ideas and Sederma.

Jennifer Marsh, PhD, of Procter & Gamble, will moderate the final session, Session D–Formulation: What’s New? Featured presentations will include “Innovative Formulation Approaches to Deliver Hand Sanitizers with Desirable Aesthetics and Benefits” by Jennie Kravchenko of Clariant Corp.; “Understanding the Influence of Emulsifiers, Emollients and Additives on Lamellar Phases in Cosmetic Emulsions,” by Juergen Meyer, PhD, of Evonik Goldschmidt Corp.; “Development of a Novel Soothing Tissue Incorporating Phase Change Materials” by Jeffery R. Seidling of Kimberly-Clark Corp.; and “A Breakthrough Approach to Lip Balm Sunscreen Formulation—Savor The Flavor,” by Gary Agisim of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

COSA has also arranged three mini-breakfast seminars on Thursday and Friday morning from 7:30 AM until 8:45 AM. The informal nature of these mini-breakfasts allows the opportunity for questions and answers. COSA Mini-Breakfasts are limited to thirty participants. Scheduled topics include “Sustainable Cosmetic Product Development” by Wen Schroeder, RAC, of SEKI Cosmeticals LLC and “Internet/Social Networking” by Perry Romanowski on Thursday morning and “Formulations: What’s New” by Mark Chandler on Friday morning. The SCC’s Continuing Education Program will offer “Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry,” a course instructed by Perry Romanowski, and “Scale Up and Processing Cosmetic Formulations," a course instructed by David Yacko on Wednesday, May 30, 2012. Space is limited, and there are separate registration fees for the mini-breakfasts and the education courses.

The Annual Scientific Seminar will once again feature the Student Poster Exhibit, and D-D ChemCo will sponsor the  Best Student Poster awards. The first, second, third and fourth place awards will be judged by COSA members and presented at the Business Luncheon on June 1, 2012. Students interested in presenting posters at this seminar should contact the SCC National Office.

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