Live from ATC Americas - Day One Report

ATC Americas kicked off to a great start Feb. 6, 2006, with inspired attendees revving up Q&A sessions. Sergio Nacht addressed both the skin and hair tracks and presented a detailed and eloquent description of the skin, identifying parallels in skin and hair. He explained that both are derived from the same embryonic tissue, which accounts for their similarities but does not explain their differences.

Hair track: Manuel Gamez-Garcia, Ph.D., warmed up the hair sessions with descriptions of the main types of cuticle damage and repair. Robert Lochhead Professor (University of Southern Mississippi School of Polymers & High Performance Materials) presented on shampoos and conditioners, followed by Patrick Obukowho's (Advantage Research Lab) discussion on emulsions for relaxer actives.

Obukowho exaplined that relaxers are the most aggressive products used in the ethnic product line for processing curly hair. Active ingredients such as sodium hydroxides, guanidine hydroxides and lithium hydroxides used in relaxers are very aggressive by way of their reaction. He said it is necessary to understand emulsion formation and the chemistry of ingredients used in designing relaxer creams. His presentation focused on the chemistry and selection of primary emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers used in relaxer emulsion preparation.  

The final hair track presenter, Steve Herman (Aromatic Fragrance and Flavors International/Fairleigh Dickenson University), covered Fragrance in Action: Hair Products. Herman discussed how fragrance is an important component in most personal care products--either for masking or to provide a pleasant scent. He explained what fragrance does in base and in hair. The interaction of fragrance on substrates was considered, as well as ways to protect and extend the life of the aroma.

Skin track: Sewon Kang, MD, sparked the skin session with discussions on the rationale for the use of antioxidants to prevent photoaging. Following Kang, Luigi Rigano (Studio Rigano Industrial Consulting Laboratories) presented on antioxidants and their role in the prevention of aging.

Tony O'Lenick (Siltech LLC) took a look at silicones, describing how interest in the field of silicone polymers is pervasive within the personal care industry. He explained that marketing continues to request new products to fuel an ever-changing marketplace and how occasionally a new technology comes along that revolutionizes the market. O'Lencik adds that very often, what is now considered “new” and fuels new product development is indeed a discovery about a new property of a known material. His presentation looked at dimethicone copolyol, alkyl dimethicone and alkyl dimethicone copolyol polymers and revealed some structure/function relationships to allow the chemist to maximize their effectiveness in cosmetic products.

Nadim A. Shaath, Ph.D., (Alpha Research & Development) presented on advances in the sun care industry and discussed regulatory affairs relating to them with attendees during the question/answer session. Steve Herman also presented on fragrance but as it relates to skin care applications, and Patricia Aikens (BASF) rounded out the session with an update of the emulsifier/phase diagram/skin lipid model.

Attendees were interactive and lively during the round table discussion and inspired by the first day of presentations. Visit us again for updates from day two at ATC Americas.

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