SCS Symposium: Face the Future


these are just a few of the topics the SCS be looking at and our speakers really are experts in their fields and are passionate about what they do. These areas already touch into ours so this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved and become an early adopter.


This groundbreaking event provides a unique opportunity to gain deeper knowledge about some of the most influential technologies. This year’s SCS Scientific Symposium brings together a group of eminent scientists who you are unlikely to meet together anywhere else.

Participants will hear about the very latest scientific advances and will be able to talk directly with the scientists involved in a variety of the major and the most influential disciplines. The topics are those that the cosmetics and personal care industry is already employing and this is a great opportunity to discuss with these speakers where these sciences are going and what possibilities they offer for personal care.

So much of the success of our products depends on consumer appreciation. Two professors of neurosciences will present on different sensory aspects, including touch. They will bring the symposium up to speed with the latest techniques, including using MRI scanners to see products improving well-being. Interest in rapid screening in anti-ageing continues to grow, as does the industry’s use of peptides. Speakers will talk about how recent scientific techniques have improved the way anti-ageing actives are developed and how creating the ideal formulation for the peptide(s) can ensure product efficacy.

And we can’t ignore where Big Data is taking us. Will the result be consumers ‘renting’ and not owning products? Where do data specialists see the industry going and what radical transformations do futurists see for 2025-2045?

Good ideas are often triggered by hearing a new fact and that often happens when we're least expecting it. But we’re sometimes so focused on what we’re doing right now that we don’t take the time to look outside of that and we can so easily miss out. Please don’t miss out on this truly inspirational opportunity.


KEYNOTE: Innovating preclinical drug discovery and human cell therapy

  • Dr Stephen Minger, Cellular Scientists, Life Sciences, GE Healthcare (world renowned stem cell expert)

3D Printing in a Touch + Demonstration

  • Justin Carpenter, 3D Active Printers

Bioprinting human tissue – the science of tomorrow

  • Dr Beverley Vaughan, The Vaughan Consultancy

Understanding the molecular interactions of peptides in formulations

  • Dr Stephanie Allen, Nottingham University

Big Data and the end of purchasing: why in the future we will only ever rent the products we consume

  • Richard Stacy, Stacy Consulting Ltd

Aspects of nanotechnology and its application…especially in colour

  • Dr Silvia Vignolini, University of Cambridge

The application of rapid screening technology in the development of anti-ageing actives

  • Dr Tomas Muthny, Contipro

Recent developments in organic materials – healable polymers

  • Professor Wayne Hayes, University of Reading

 Neuroscience – inspired multisensory design

  • Professor Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Somerville College, Oxford

Touching the future

  • Dr Francis McGlone, Professor in Cognitive Neuroscience, Liverpool John Moores University

Beauty innovation 2014 and beyond...

  • Ramaa Chipalkatti, Datamonitor

More than skin deep: radical options for human transformation, 2025-2045

  • David Wood, London Futurists / World Transhumanist Association

If you are genuinely interested in the future of cosmetic science the SCS Face the Future Scientific Symposium really is the only place to be from 30 April-1 May.

And for those interested in golf, a golf tournament will precede the opening of the Symposium on the first morning.

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SCS President Barbara Brockway on why this is going to be such a landmark event:


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