PCHi Reformulates 2011 with New Features


Since its inception in 2008, Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) has been positioned as the first trade show of every calendar year for the personal care and home care ingredients industry. Each year, the event brings companies from all parts of the ingredient supply chain together to set trends and discuss issues pertaining to the two industries.

The event strives to add new elements each year, and the features added to the 2011 show will include: an innovation award ceremony, a luxury lounge, an intelligence lounge, and new themes and topics.

The first China Personal Care Innovation Award Ceremony will be held at PCHi 2011, co-organized by Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions and Ringier Trade Publishing Ltd. The awards aim to provide recognition for products in four categories: Most Innovative Ingredients, Most Innovative Formulating and Processing Technology, Testing and OEM/ODM services and Packaging and Equipment. All companies in the industry may participate in these awards.

The event will also host Casa Elegancia (House of Elegance), an exclusive lounge where leading manufacturers of cosmetic, personal care and home care products in China will be provided with a conducive and comfortable environment to network with ingredient suppliers, partners and customers. Participants at Casa Elegancia 2011 include international companies such as Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Unilever, and domestic players like Jala Group and Guangdong Liby.

In order to provide the most updated market intelligence to the industry, PCHi 2011 will feature the Mintel Intelligence Lounge. In the lounge, event attendees will be able to view and try six of the world’s most innovative products chosen by Mintel’s head researcher for the Asia-Pacific region.

Similar to previous years, PCHi 2011 will bring a range of new conference themes and topics, addressing newsworthy issues of personal care. There will be two new topics under the Technology session–Earth-friendly Formulations and The Macho Side of Personal Care. These two topics join New Technology and Innovation, the third of the three technology topics. At the Earth-Friendly Formulations session, attendees will learn about manufacturing techniques, formulations and technologies and packaging materials used in the development of green products. The Macho Side of Personal Care will cover the key differences in formulations and technologies behind the manufacturing of personal care products for men.

Other sessions hosted at the event include: Formulators’ Workshop, Regulatory Summits, Marketing Trends and the New Technology.

Interested attendees may pre-register online until Feb. 15, 2011, to avoid lines and entry fees at the venue.


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