MetaNovas Earns Accolades in L'Oréal's North Asia Big Bang Beauty Tech Program - This Webinar Shows Why

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Business Insider recently reported that Metanovas, an innovative player in the biopharma and consumer health industry, was named a winner in the prestigious L'Oréal North Asia Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program. The accolade reportedly underscores MetaNovas' innovative approach to integrating scientific rigor from pharmaceutical development into the consumer health sphere, especially in developing clinical-grade consumer health products.

The L'Oréal North Asia Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program, the first of its kind by the French beauty giant, is intended to drive innovation and co-create future beauty solutions across China, Japan and South Korea. Per Business Insider, "MetaNovas was among the select winners who demonstrated exceptional capabilities in fields such as operations, digital innovation, research, sustainability, generative AI, raw materials and beauty device development."

MetaNovas' participation in L'Oréal's program reportedly highlights its technological prowess in enhancing R&D innovation within the cosmetic industry. The company's technology is said to have reduced the traditional months-long R&D process to just a few weeks, significantly accelerating product development and market readiness.

The company is said to be the only one capable of end-to-end development, offering a comprehensive understanding from biological insights to final product creation. These capabilities will be demonstrated in an upcoming webinar, AI-driven Research and Discovery to Advance Beauty Innovation

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The webinar opens with an overview of AI's prominence in the beauty market, including for trendspotting, then delves into a novel AI-driven platform for molecular discovery and design. Also given are case studies of the platform's uses for metabolic profiling to design skin care actives, for skin microbiome research, and for predicting formula stability testing outcomes.

In this webcast, you will learn about: the potential for AI in cosmetic product conceptualization; the utility of AI for ingredient molecular discovery and design; the capability of AI to hasten speed to market and drive differentiation; and a platform that combines these facets, to support beauty ingredient supplier and manufacturer innovation.

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