Cosmetics & Toiletries Reveals 2024 Editorial Themes

The cosmetics R&D industry is in a “Beauty Renaissance,' led by three key muses: holistic beauty, sustainability and technical innovation.
The cosmetics R&D industry is in a “Beauty Renaissance," led by three key muses: holistic beauty, sustainability and technical innovation.

The cosmetics R&D industry is in a “Beauty Renaissance," led by three key muses.

Consumers are testing the limits of beauty and elevating the competition. That's why in 2024, Cosmetics & Toiletries will focus on empowering cosmetics and personal care innovators to rise to the challenge."

Holistic beauty, for one, encompasses the "whole" of consumers; from microbiome, nutricosmetics and mental wellness, to human diversity, skin and hair health, personal values, etc. Tenets within these concepts inspire the second: sustainability, pushing the environment to the forefront and challenging product developers to strategize circular business models, source fermented and upcycled ingredients, formulate without water or even remove packaging altogether, among others. 

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The third muse might collectively be called technical innovation — be it synthetic biology for ingredient engineering; technologies to elucidate and target mechanisms of biology; or digital technologies to scan and advise on skin needs, create personalized solutions and share them across all the major socials in the metaverse.

Consumers are testing the limits of beauty innovation like never before, which elevates the competition in this crowded market space. That's why in 2024, Cosmetics & Toiletries will focus on empowering cosmetics and personal care innovators to rise to the challenge — following the below road map.

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In addition, we will highlight: emerging cosmetic ingredients and technologies; the latest findings on existing ingredients; practical formulating techniques and tips; regulatory updates and insights; novel research and testing methods; market and consumer trends and more. 

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2024 Monthly C&T Editorial Themes

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Example topics: Upcycled ● Biodegradable/Low Carbon ● Naturals
Skin Health, Microbiome
Example topics: Moisturization ● Anti-stress ● Immunity
Expert Opinions on: Advancing Skin Health
C&T Allē Awards Finalist Shortlist


Sun Care and Photo-aging
Example topics: UV Filters/SPF Boosting ● Antioxidants and Actives ● Claims Testing
Sensitive Skin
Example topics: Anti-inflammation ● Barrier Defense ● Neurocosmetics
Equipment and Devices
Example topics: Lab, Scale-up and Production
Expert Opinions on: Sun and Skin Protection and Detection
Bonus Expert Opinions on: Innovations in Equipment and Devices
C&T Allē Awards Finalist List – Detailed


Wellness/Well Aging
Example topics: Psychodermatology ● Blue Light/Pollution Protection ● Actives (HA, Retinol, Alternatives, etc.) and Delivery
Hair and Scalp Care
Example topics: Skinification ● Conditioning ● Anti-hair loss
Expert Opinions on: Hair and Scalp Solutions
C&T Allē Awards Finalist Shortlist Plus Judges' Commentary


Biotech in Beauty
Example topics: Bioferments ● Pro/Postbiotics ● Replacement Ingredients
Color Cosmetics
Example topics: Coverage and Soft Focus ● Benefit Ingredients (SPF, Anti-aging) ● Inclusive Beauty
Expert Opinions on: Color Cosmetics Innovation
C&T Allē Awards Winners Announcement


Anti-aging and Inflammation
Example topics: Actives for Senescence, Anti-wrinkles, Inflammaging ● Skin Brightening/Toning ● Testing Tools
Scalp Comfort/Care, Microbiome
Example topics: Anti-hair Loss ● Dandruff and Itch ● Sebum/Moisture Control
Expert Opinions on: Answers to Inflammaging and Aging
C&T Allē Awards Celebration


Hair Care - Silicones and Surfactants
Example topics: Conditioning and Repair ● Textured Hair ● Mild Cleansing
Skin/Sun Protection
Example topics: Barrier Care/Antioxidants ● Photostabilizers ● Microbiome
Expert Opinions on: Hair Conditioning and Care


Circular and Responsible Beauty
Example topics: Sustainable and Transparent ● Clean, Simple, Vegan and Certified ● Green Processing
Holistic Skin Care
Example topics: Traditional Medicine and Herbs ● Sleep and Immunity ● Emotional Beauty
Expert Opinions on: Responsible Beauty Solutions


Formulating Basics
Example topics: Preservatives ● Antioxidants ● Microbio, Stability Testing
Expert Opinions on: Formulating Basics


Microbiome, Skin Barrier Health
Example topics: Mild and Microbiome-friendly ● Repair and Hydration ● Acne and Sebum
Example topics: Natural Thickeners ● Silicone Replacements ● Alternative Preservation
Expert Opinions on: Care for Compromised Skin


Skin Radiance/Texture
Example topics: Pore Control ● Skin Glow and Color Effects ● Elasticity and Smoothness
Hair Repair and Protection
Example topics: Film Formers ● Mild Surfactants ● Keratin and Repair Agents
Expert Opinions on: Well Aging and Radiance


Body Care and Hygiene
Example topics: Emollients and Moisturizers ● AP/Deo and Oral Care ● Anti-aging/Actives
Digital Technologies
Example topics: A.I. and Apps ● Personalization Platforms ● Software Solutions
Expert Opinions on: Digital Beauty Solutions


Multifunctional Solutions
Example topics: Polymers ● Fragrance ● Naturals
Expert Opinions on: Multifunctional Solutions

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