Croda Launches Interactive Hair Damage eBook

To facilitate a better understanding of the causes of hair damage, Croda has launched an interactive, electronic Hair Damage eBook.

Hair sustains damage in a variety of different ways and from different sources on a daily basis. The causes of hair damage can be categorized into five key areas: mechanical, chemical, environmental, thermal and aging. Each of these results in several types of damage to the hair fibers and contributes to what the consumer perceives as undesirable. The consumer recognize hair damage as frizz, breakage, dullness, lack of movement and hair that is difficult to comb and style. While hair damage cannot be entirely avoided, it can be prevented and corrected.

The Hair Damage eBook explores the different types of hair damage and how each of these can occur. Proven solutions for preventing and reversing hair damage are explained through science and the consumer’s perception.

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