Merck Plans for Headquarter Remodel to Reflect Innovation Goals

Merck celebrates its 350th anniversary in 2018, and with that major milestone, has established a plan for growth that includes a major overhaul on its Damnstadt headquarters. The "Fit for 2018" growth plan reflects the company's objectives to achieve better efficiency and more innovation. To that end, the headquarters will undergo the construction of an innovation center and a portion externally open to the public and customers.

At the heart of the planning is an innovation center, which is intended to become a hub of innovative strength at Merck. This building is to offer employees from all divisions and units space for interdisciplinary collaboration for the duration of a project. According to the current plans, a new employee restaurant will be built adjacent to the innovation center. The two buildings are to be connected by shared entrances.

Another important objective is to open the site externally. The site is to come across as being more open and accessible to customers, business associates, employees and the community. Therefore, the plans include a visitors' center on Frankfurter Strasse, which will ho use conference rooms for customers and applicants as well as a restaurant for guests.

The extensive redesign of the site will also involve urban redevelopment activities. Merck is currently engaged in an intensive dialogue with the city of Darmstadt on how to upgrade Frankfurter Strasse into an avenue. The planned visitors' center on one side and the innovation center on the opposite side of the street are to be linked by a central area with the Pützer Tower, a listed historic building, as its central landmark. Detailed plans have not been drawn up yet.

Current projects such as the construction of two energy stations and the official opening of Merck Serono headquarters in October of this year are also in line with the framework plan.

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