CVS Offers Prestige Option

CVS Pharmacy is planning to open upscale stores to sell department store and luxury beauty brands. The prestige beauty store will be called Beauty 360, and its first appearance is scheduled for late 2008 in an East Coast city.

In total, the brand reportedly plans to launch 500 to 1,000 stores in the United States. CVS has not disclosed which beauty brands will be appearing in its new store concept. In addition to selling prestige beauty products, the stores might also offer express beauty treatments such as manicures.

CVS has been working on the project for years. Some expect the project to affect other one-stop prestige beauty stores with similar goals. The company maintains that it will not shift any focus away from its mass market beauty offerings to focus on the prestige sector. It also finds that its nationwide locations may help its prestige stores, offering the two side-by-side or perhaps offering the prestige stores inside of CVS drugstores. For more information, visit


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