C&T magazine Announces International Technology Award Finalists

Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine has announced the finalists for its International Technology Awards, to be presented at the HBA Awards dinner on Sept. 9 in New York.

Finalists for New Technology

The collaboration between Symrise GmbH and Cutech Srl to create the Pig Skin Organ Culture Model (PSOCM) has been nominated for the New Technology Award. PSOCM comprises fully functional hair follicles and fat tissue that are essential contributors to skin function. This invention provides an ethical, versatile, time-saving and economical alternative to animal testing and reconstructed skin models for testing the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products and ingredients. It is suitable for the efficacy testing of hair growth modulators, skin pigmentation modulators, lipolytic compounds and antiaging compounds, and respective finished formulations. Once safety tests for skin irritation and sensitization (currently under validation) are complete, this material also will be applicable for testing the safety of topical products. PSOCM is derived from slaughted animals dedicated to meat production.

CoValence also has been named a finalist for its Mitoprotect invention, an ingredient technology based on recent studies of mitochondrial nutrition and nanotechnology. The innovation combines five key synergistic ingredients, spin trap phenyl-buty-nitrone, Coenzyme Q10, R-lipolic acid, adenine and acetyl-L-carnitine, along with a unique and safe nano-delivery system containing hydrophobic submicron-particles for stability and pH-triggered release of functional ingredients. The core ingredients of the product nourish and stimulate the mitochondria and support enzymes to fight against endogenous and exogenous ROS. Beneficial enzymes, vitamins and amino acids used individually are expected to further enhance the complex. This technology is focused on a strategy to empower mitochondrial nutrition to fight against the signs of aging.

The New Technology Award recognizes a significant new technology launched in 2007–2008 for its importance and long-term impact within the industry.

Finalists for New Technology Launch

Sederma has been nominated for its Essenskin campaign. Essenskin is a cosmetic active ingredient designed for 60+ skin care. According to the company, cosmetic care for very mature skin needs to fulfill three objectives: procuring skin comfort; combating saffing, dehydration and dull complexion; and remaining as close to natural as possible. To reveal the antiaging efficacy of Essenskin, the company evaluated a typical parameter of youth skin transparency with a Goniophotometer, a new device measuring light reflectance on skin. The campaign for the product involved a marketing datasheet, a powerpoint presentation, exhibitions, the company's Web site, antiaging market trends, advertising, conferences, seminars and a press kit.

BASF AG also is nominated in this category for its Linefactor campaign. Linefactor is an aqueous hibiscus extract, rich in amino acids, that is said to act as a biomimetic agent of the natural protection exerted by proteoglycans as they bind fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) in the skin. FGF-2 is involved in crucial steps of the skin metabolism, making it one of the best candidates among the family of growth factors to rejuvenate the skin. However, proteoglycans are subject to age-related degradation that reduces the presence of FGF-2. According to the company, the ingredient opens new territories in antiaging treatment. The company tested the ingredient on a panel of 50 volunteers for three months to report that the ingredient improved skin density, skin texture, firmness, density and the appearance of wrinkles. The ingredient was promoted in print advertising and on the company's Web site.

The New Technology Launch Award acknowledges the uniqueness and impact that a new technology launch (marketing campaign) has made on the industry.

Submissions were reviewed by a council of R&D experts at leading cosmetic and personal care companies who chose the top finalists in each category. The winners will be announced at the HBA Industry Awards Dinner Sept. 9, 2008, in New York City, and also will be profiled in Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine.

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