Marinova Becomes First Fucoidan Producer with Organic Certification

Marinova has received organic certification for its pure fucoidan seaweed extracts. MaritechTM fucoidan is now an internationally recognized organic product and reportedly is the only organic pure fucoidan extract available on the market.

Marinova has received its accreditation from Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers (TOPS). TOPS is a licensed national and international organic accreditation association, and is one of the seven associations in Australia recognized by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS). All fucoidan extracts manufactured by Marinova will now be accompanied by an Australian Organic Produce Certificate (OPC). This organic accreditation has been made possible by Marinova’s development of a solvent-free natural aqueous extraction process. Marinova maintains that it is the only company in the world utilizing this process. For more informaiton, visit

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