SemBioSys Creates Botanical Science Unit for Personal Care

SemBioSys has created a new business unit.  Botaneco is a performance based, technologically advanced botanical science organization that manufactures and markets a branded line of products that harness the naturally occurring benefits of protein protected seed oils. It will manufacture and market branded lines of high performance, naturally derived base emulsions and delivery systems used in the development of cosmetics, personal care and prescription topical/dermatology products.

Botaneco will leverage SemBioSys' proprietary technology, which harnesses the naturally occurring and multifunctional benefits of seed oilbodies, to offer an alternative to current industry mainstays such as petroleum and other chemically derived products.

"The Botaneco business unit gives SemBioSys increased control over its commercial activities targeting the multi-billion dollar personal care and dermatology marketplace, and offers SemBioSys a focused organization with all the resources to make this launch successful for our customers and our stakeholders," SemBioSys president and CEO Andrew Baum says.

"The launch of Botaneco represents another milestone in the implementation of our overall strategy in which our non-pharmaceutical products generate revenues in the short term, while longer term revenues are derived from our pharmaceutical pipeline." Being natural no longer means sacrificing performance, according to Botaneco managing director Nancy Markley, Ph.D.

The first Botaneco branded product utilizing the SemBioSys technology is slated to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2007. This natural, oil body based emulsion provides an all in one system for emulsification, and delivers superior hydration, skin barrier protection and absorption of nutrient rich moisturizers and emollients as well as enhanced performance of skincare actives. For more information, visit

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