Italian University Offers Online Masters in Cosmetic Science

The Centre of Cosmetic Science and Technology at the University of Siena now offers an online graduate program in Cosmetic Science and Technology. According to the university, the Masters program is aimed at innovation and offers students the opportunity to study at home. The program is organized in about 800 lectures that use online multimedia to clarify explanations. 

In addition to being flexible and adjustable to the students’ needs, the program offers support services, tutoring, secretary, schedules  through the portal of the Centre of Cosmetic Science and Technology.

E-learning overcomes the problem of teacher availability, providing participants with the opportunity to approach the most qualified experts in academic and industrial fields. The lectures are complemented by laboratory training, that will be performed in Italy, both at University of Siena and other selected laboratories. This program strives to give the theoretical and practical knowledge required for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the science and technology of cosmetic products.

The graduate program focuses on different facets of the personal care industry including: basic research, R&D, production, analytical and microbiological control, certification, communication, marketing and technical-scientific information. For more information, visit


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