Natural Company Launching First USDA-sealed Organic Lotion

Nature's Gate, a Levlad owned company, is launching nationwide what it calls the first organic lotion range to bear the USDA Organic seal. The seal has not been featured on many personal care products due to the need of synthetic ingredients to hold the water and the oil phase together. The range is called Rainwater Organics, and it is 95% organic, excluding water and salt.

The range reportedly was manufactured in a facility that operates according to the USDA's organic rules, which regulate the receiving, warehousing, mixing, filling, cleaning and sanitizing functions of a facility. The company chose lotion to first manufacture with the USDA Organic seal due to its success in personal care.

According to the range's manufacturers, they have yet to find an organic surfactant that is suitable for shampoos and soaps. The company, however, manufactures organic lip balms and soaps. According to those at Levlad, now that the company is able to manufacture organic personal care items, it is being asked about the process from its third-party beauty partners and large beauty companies.

The range is available in Lemongrass Spice, Bergamot Patchouli, Citrus Ginger and Orange Zest Mint. All four of the lotions features açaí oil. In addition to the range being organic, the packaging is made of 25% recycled plastic and labels are printed with soy ink. For more information, visit


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