Swiss IFSCC Chapter Celebrates 50 Years

Well over 150 members of the Swiss chapter of the International Federation of the Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) came together in Zürich, Switzerland, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the chapter. It opened with an informal meeting in Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten on the evening of June 14, 2007. The scientific program was held the following day in the Marriott Hotel in Zürich. At the program, Hans-Jüg Furrer, PhD, (Louis Widmer, Schlieren) spoke about the history of the chapter and the remainder of the program was as equally diverse and interesting as the 50-year-long history of the Swiss SCC.

Ulrich Renz spoke about beauty as a phenomenon. When the average facial characteristics of many people are averaged, the end result is a more beautiful face, according to Renz. In other words, in order to be beautiful, consumers need to strive for being average instead of unique. Roman Kaiser, PhD, (Givaudin AG, Zürich) took the group on a hike into the mountains and encouraged members to smell many different fragrances from the flora of Swiss valleys to Swiss mountain tops. Prof. Hermann Stuppner, PhD, (University of Innsbrück, Austra/Pentapharm Ltd., Basel, Switzerland) spoke about his investigations of the most famous flower of Swiss flora, edelweiss.

Following Stuppner's discussion of edelweiss was a talk on a muscle-relaxing peptide identified from snake poison by Marc Heidl, PhD (Pentapharm Ltd.). After lunch, the scientific program only got better. All three speakers grabbed the attention of the audience by delivering their presentations in an entertaining fashion. René Rüdlinger, MD, a dermatologist in Zürich, spoke about tattoo and body corrections using lasers, and Peter Maeschig (Design for Business, Düsseldorf, Germany) spoke of womankind as an incomprehensible creature and how advertising should deal with that perception.

The symposium closed with an eye-opening lecture of  David Bosshart, PhD, (Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut, Rüschlikon) on how new trends will change traditional markets, people and brands. The evening convened at the restaurant Triibhuus, where members were transported in 1950s buses, formerly used by the Swiss postal services.

After the congratulatory addresses from presidents of neighbouring Societies (Germany, Austria, France, Italy and the IFSCC), members were entertained over dinner by a impersonator group singing music of the last 50 years including artists such as Lisa Minelli, Edith Piaf, Bette Middler, the Blues Brothers and Tina Turner to name but a few. The event was so enjoyable, members agreed to meet again in 50 years in Zürich.

 —Johann Wiechers, PhD, Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine
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