Beiersdorf Redistributes Italy Plant

Beiersdorf has announced plans to transfer its production/product groups from Italy to Spain, Germany and Poland. The transfer is part of an ongoing realignment of its supply chain organization. Beiersdorf Italy is located in Milan, Italy and generated revenues of € 378 million in 2006.

The savings generated by the European realignment of the supply chain amount to € 100 million per annum, according to the company. Beiersdorf reportedly will invest these funds in the development of new products and in brand-building. Beiersdorf initially announced the realignment of the Supply Chain on November 22, 2005. At that time the transfer of a product group from Hamburg to Spain had been announced, all affected employees have been taken over into other areas in Hamburg. There are 370 employees employed by Beiersdorf Italy. According to the company, it is likely that new operators will offer job perspectives to the affected employees.

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