Evonik Opens Business and Innovation Center

Evonik released a news statement indicating the opening of its new Business and Innovation Center in Richmond, Virginia, as part of the company's North America growth plan.

With the new facility, Evonik more than doubles its laboratory and commercial space in the Greater Richmond area. The center combines innovative research and development, marketing, sales, customer service and support functions such as environment safety and health, procurement, controlling, human resources and information technology in one facility to foster collaboration, networking and creativity.

“At Evonik, new ideas are being incubated while I speak,” said Dr. Klaus Engel, chairman of the executive board of Evonik Industries. “Our intention is to turn Evonik into one of the most innovative companies in the world. Evonik’s vigorous culture of innovation will be further strengthened by our new Richmond Business and Innovation Center. The center will not only develop new products and processes but also bring together colleagues from different parts of the company to identify breakthrough technologies.”

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