Croda Renames Keramimic 2.0 and Publishes New Combing Data

Croda has rebranded Keramimic 2.0 to Kerestore 2.0 to better highlight the restoring benefits of its unique biomimetic keratin, while providing a greater individual identity within the marketplace. The rebranding is accompanied by new data showing that the biomimetic keratin increases hair combability across hair types.

Kerestore 2.0 is a highly specialized conditioning active, that is proven to offer target repair to the most damaged areas of the hair’s surface. Developed using the most recent advances in proteomics, the amino acid sequences of the peptides found in Kerestore 2.0 match those present in the keratin proteins found in cuticular and cortical regions of human hair.

New data shows that Kerestore 2.0 provides the conditioning care required to improve the appearance of hair and make combing easier. In combing studies, a conditioner containing Kerestore 2.0 at 1% active demonstrated excellent conditioning properties compared to a basic conditioner. The work required to comb the hair after treatment was reduced in bleached European hair, colored Asian hair and chemically straightened Latin American hair.

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