Unitis Elects New Board

Unitis, the European organization of cosmetic ingredients industries and services, elected a new board at its most recent General Assembly.

The board will include: Ricard Armengol (Provital) as chairman, Etienne Pajot (Prod’Hyg) as vice chairman, Michel Bertellemy (AFIA) as treasurer,  Nicolas Pajot (LETICC) as secretary and  Jean-Pierre Picot (ID Bio) as deputy secretary.  Members include: Jean-Yves Berthon (Greentech), Jean-Marc Seigneuret (Alban Muller)  and Anne-Valérie Sergent (Lucas Meyer).

With a new board, still assisted by the scientific expertise of Laurent Sousselier, Unitis intends to perpetuate the spirit of the organization marked by well-defined common objectives and constructive exchanges between innovative SMEs involved in the production and marketing of cosmetic ingredients of botanical origin and occupying significant positions in global market.

Unitis provides its members with efficient regulatory tools needed to develop the competitiveness of their products, such as: allergenic substances found in plants, CMR substances potentially present in certain plants or REACH and CLP Regulations on dangerous substances applied to complex natural substances. UNITIS actively participates in discussions on biological andnatural cosmetic ingredients certification under the ISO standard as well as the implementation of the Rio Convention and the Nagoya Protocol on protection of biodiversity. Furthermore, the organization developed Seeds, a self-assessment and management tool of corporate commitment to sustainable development. Finally, Unitix is leading the Units NCS TOX Project in partnership with the Cosmetic Valley and with the involvement of the whole cosmetic supply chain via the Botanical Alliance.

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