BRAIN Adds MMP Inhibitor Peptide to Portfolio for Anti-aging Cosmetics

The biotechnology company BRAIN AG has expanded its IP portfolio to include the matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor (MMPI) peptide. Now owned by BRAIN, the recombinant human bioactive molecule will be manufactured by BRAIN as a proprietary bioactive compound for cosmetics products made by its own group of affiliated companies.

This offering reinforces the company's goal to broaden the value chain in the cosmetics market. Along these lines, it acquired cosmetics manufacturer LA Schmitt and formed a strategic partnership with Monteil Cosmetics International GmbH.

Above and beyond the development and production of bioactive substances from BRAIN’s own pipeline, the company’s stated objective is to also license additional high-quality bioactive substances from third parties and to integrate them in the BRAIN group of affiliated companies.

Scientific studies have shown that inhibition of the MMP-1 enzyme reduced the accelerated collagen breakdown in the skin. Cosmetic products such as, e.g., sunscreens or day creams containing MMPI as an anti-aging mode of action are already sold by the BRAIN group of affiliated companies.

Only a few biotechnology companies have the expertise and infrastructural resources at their disposal to handle such a complex manufacturing process. The biotechnological production process necessitates a large number of costly analytic techniques in fermentation and purification alike. For this reason, the bioactive MMPI is exclusively used in the premium price segment.

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