Ashland Wins 2019 Sustainable Beauty Award with its Latest Innovation

From left: Anne Clay and Donna Seid of Ashland.
From left: Anne Clay and Donna Seid of Ashland.

Ashland won the Best Sustainable Ingredient at the Sustainable Beauty Awards for its Cb2-Skin biofunctional, an alternative to cannabis derivatives. The ingredient is a patented patchouli leaf extract that substitutes cannabidiol (CBD) oil or hemp oil in formulations.

Of 100 submissions for the awards, six were selected as finalists prior to the ceremony.

“Sustainability is a high priority for Ashland,” said Anne Clay, global marketing manager of the company’s Vincience biofunctionals group. “Our solvers seek out ingenious ways to meet the future needs of our customers, our employees and the planet we share. The premium patchouli used in our Cb2-Skin biofunctional is sourced from a fully integrated and sustainable farm in Columbia. It’s perfect for sensitive skin applications and for uses in beauty products that feature beauty rituals to help disconnect from daily stress.”

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