Biox Instruments Enable Speedy Hair, Skin, Nail Testing


With instruments that characterize bio-tissues such as skin, hair and nails, Biox Systems sets out to enable speedier and more accurate testing and development.

Their lineup includes:

AquaFlux—This system provides quick and nonstop transepidermal water loss (TEWL) measurement that utilizes a condenser to continuously remove water vapor by converting it to ice, overcoming closed measurement chamber difficulties. It can be used at any site and at any angle for user comfort to provide: efficacy and claims support; TEWL; in vivo, in virto and in culture results; membrane integrity testing; medical research; perspiration studies; and desorption measurements.

Epsilon—This contact imaging system is an integrated technology that provides both image and hydration data simultaneously, making it suitable for both in vivo and in vitro measurements. It has a linear and calibrated response and can create a reproducible measurements. The technology can be used for efficacy and claims support; static and dynamic hydration imaging; microrelief analysis for skin aging; illustration of skin lesions and sun damage; and hair moisture assessments. 

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