Deinove, Dow Partner for Cosmetic Active Ingredient


Deinove has announced a joint venture with Dow, for the development of a cosmetic ingredient derived from its collection of bacterial extracts.

Deinove’s bacterial collection includes more than 6,000 rare strains, collected from biotopes such as hot springs, lagoons and caves on various substrates (nearly 600 samples of wood, water, plant, sand and more). Several strains have been qualified via the company’s cell biology lab, according to their properties on different cosmetic actives.

Dow has selected one extract from Deinove’s bacterial bank; Deinove will develop and optimize a dedicated production process to ensure the industrial transposition and production of the developed cosmetic active. Dow intends to leverage its expertise in cell biology to qualify the cosmetic active and integrate it into its product portfolio, for commercial exclusivity worldwide.

“We have chosen Deinove for its widely recognized expertise in biotechnology and valuation of rare microorganisms,” said Fabienne Bizeray, Dow’s global strategic marketing leader, skin & sun care. “After the launch of AgeCap Smooth in April 2018, this agreement will allow Dow to quickly develop a new natural cosmetic ingredient for our customers. This first collaboration with Deinove is perfectly aligned with our strategy of expanding and transforming our portfolio dedicated to skin care.”

“We are proud that a big industrial leader such as Dow has been convinced by our expertise and attracted by the richness of our bacterial collection,” added Deinove CEO Emmanuel Petitot. “This agreement values the quality of our R&D approach and our portfolio of cosmetic actives.”

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