Mibelle AG’s Black BeeOme Buzzes Away with Top BSB Prize


Mibelle AG Biochemistry’s Black BeeOme, an active ingredient that results from the fermentation of honey, took home first prize in the “Most Innovative Raw Material, Naturals/Actives” category at the 2019 BSB Awards.

Derived from honey from the rare dark bee Apis mellifera mellifera and the bacteria Zymomonas mobilis, Black BeeOme is designed to restore the skin microflora after stress to ensure healthy and pure skin.

Zymomonas mobilis specifically digests basic sugars and leaves polysaccharides intact. “As a result, the carbon source for unwanted bacterial growth on the skin is removed,” said the company in a press release. “On the other hand, the ferment contains prebiotic factors that help to control the growth of microorganisms on the skin.”

In vitro and clinical studies showed Black BeeOme to promote a faster skin flora recovery after washing, as well as skin barrier recovery, diminished sebum production and improved uniformity of oily and uneven face skin.

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