Cee Chem to Distribute for Oat Cosmetics in Australia

Oat Cosmetics is expanding its distribution into Australia and has named Cee Chem Australia Pty, Ltd. its exclusive distributor in the country.

This expansion demonstrates the growing demand for natural personal care products from consumers, manufacturers and formulators. Cee Chem, which covers around 95% of the Australian personal care manufacturing industry, will distribute Oat Cosmetics’ portfolio of Ecocert flours and oil.

The introduction of these oat-derived ingredients to Cee Chem’s current offering of natural cosmetic preservatives, emulsifiers, esters and oils is set to enable the Sydney-based chemical supplier to meet a greater range of requirements from manufacturers for responsibly sourced green ingredients.

This distribution deal with Cee Chem is part of Oat Cosmetics' global expansion strategy. Having only entered the cosmetics market in 2010, the natural ingredient specialist now has significant worldwide penetration from North America and Europe across to Africa and India.

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