Oat Cosmetics to Enter US Market With Charkit Distribution

Oat Cosmetics will enter the US personal care market with Charkit Chemical Corp. as its North American distributor.

While Charkit will distribute both Oat Cosmetics' colloidal oatmeal and oat oil products, Oat Cosmetcs is looking forward to the success of its colloidal oatmeal on the US market. The US Food and Drug Administration recognized colloidal oatmeal as a skin protectant in 2003. According to Oat Cosmetics, it has further enhanced the ingredient’s efficacy through the development of an advanced extrusion technology.

“Our high-performance colloidal oatmeal achieves high microbial purity without the need for irradiation. This unique modification, which overcomes safety, sustainability and traceability issues, presents new opportunities for the cosmetics industry in the development of natural and organic products," explained Cark Maunsell, managing director of Oat Cosmetics, in a company press release.

The oat oil developed by Oat Cosmetics will also be available to formulators throughout the United States through Charkit. Produced from a specific oat variety and gently extracted through an ethanolic process, this grade of oat oil is of high clarity, low odor, lightly colored and effective emolliency, making it suitable for creams and lotions.

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