BASF Opens White Biotechnology and Microbiology Research Center

BASF has opened a new white biotechnology and microbiology research center in Tarrytown, New York, USA, where biologists and biotechnologists will work to develop more efficient biotechnological production processes and—together with material researchers—develop new antimicrobial products for medical technology, hygiene and health care.

One focus of the research laboratory work is to develop more efficient and resource-conserving production processes. The use of metabolic engineering–the targeted modification of metabolism–is set to enhance the efficiency of the microorganisms used in these production processes.

Another important focus of the lab is to get a detailed understanding of the development of bacterial biofilms. Bacteria, individually or in colonies, form on wet surfaces of objects and can be the cause of life-threatening infections in patients especially within hospital settings. In cooperation with material researchers, new solutions are being developed to help prevent such infections.

BASF has more than three decades of experience in white biotechnology. The company uses biotechnological methods to produce products such as vitamins, enzymes, pharmaceutical intermediates and specialties for the personal care, food and feed industries.


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