SCoutech Patents Ex Vivo Real Skin Model

SCoutech, a joint venture between Symrise AG and Cutech Srl, has received a patent on its ex vivo real skin model that reportedly bridges the gap between in vitro and in vivo testing of anti-aging products.

European Patent EP2019316 is said to allow for conclusive testing of anti-aging mechanisms of action before complex and costly clinical testing.

Traditional skin models used for test series only comprise the outer skin layers, epidermis and dermis. The new model now also includes subcutaneous tissue as well as hair follicles, thus offering greater efficiency and numerous additional testing possibilities. For example, the new model permits more accurate predictions of long-term effects in humans. The model enables high-quality, validated screening of individual raw materials as well as finished products for skin care. This new model expands the methods available for skin and hair follicle tests that both companies use for product development.

According to the invention, ex vivo human skin samples are preferably taken from abdomen, thigh or breast, most preferably from abdomen. Breast skin is less preferred than abdomen skin since breast skin is not always suitable for all types of assessments. According to the invention, ex vivo human skin samples a preferably taken from female human donors aged 1–60 years. Also according to the invention, the donor is preferably alive at the time the skin sample is taken, or at least blood circulation in the donor body has not stopped for more than 10 minutes before taking of the skin sample.

"By taking advantage of our experience with skin tissue engineering, we have set up a preclinical screening model which we consider to be the most representative of the in vivo environment. To make full use of this model, we apply the most informative and pragmatic cellular and molecular read-out parameters,” explained Paolo Pertile, PhD, Cutech’s CEO, in a Symrise press release.

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