Industry Associates Form Safe Cosmetics Alliance

The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) has joined forces with the Professional Beauty Association, Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors and the Direct Selling Association to form the Safe Cosmetics Alliance. According to a press release by the PCPC, the group was formed to strengthen and modernize regulatory oversight of the cosmetic industry while allowing manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retail owners, salon/spa owners, and licensed beauty professionals to conduct their business.

The coalition supports science-based federal legislation designed to strengthen US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) oversight of the industry, increase transparency and enhance existing consumer safeguards. The industry has been in discussions with members of congress to encourage introduction of such a bill.To that end, the group has posted a petition on its website encouraging lawmakers to support responsible cosmetics legislation based on sound scientific principles.

As part of the suggested bill, manufacturers would register with the FDA and file with the agency reports detailing the ingredients used in their products. The legislation also would require manufacturers to report any unexpected adverse reactions a consumer has with a product. It also would create a process at the FDA for any stakeholder to seek a safety review of any ingredient used in a product.

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