Gelest Develops Metal Organics Reference Manual

Gelest Inc. has developed Metal-Organics for Materials, Polymers & Synthesis, a reference manual for chemists and formulators that includes technical papers and details the company’s metal-organic compounds for materials, polymers and synthesis, including 100 new materials such as metal alkoxides, diketonates and monomers. According to the company, these materials are available as 100% active or solvent dilutions for use in catalysis, sol-gel, and cross-linking reactions.

Specifically, the 348-page reference manual provides research on processes such as catalysis, organic synthesis, surface modification, metallization, conductive coatings, polymer synthesis and self-assembled monolayers. It also includes technical data for the company's more than 1,000 metal-organic compounds, accompanied by additional reference materials to facilitate the availability of information for use in the development of new applications.

In addition, three new technical papers are incorporated to complement the library of 14 technical papers already included in the reference manual. The three new technical paper topics include “Stable Multiple Bond Germanium Species,” “Industrial Applications of Organotin Chemistry,“ and “Boiling Point–Pressure Nomograph.”

To request a hard copy of the manual, visit the company's literature Web page.

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