Solabia Group Opens US Subsidiary

The Solabia Group has opened a US subsidiary, Solabia USA Inc., in New York. The subsidiary will expand the development of the company's technologies in biotechnology, fine chemistry, plant extraction and macro-encapsulation.

In pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and biotechnology sectors, the Solabia Group intends on exploiting differential advantages with its multiple production sites that address key areas of risk mitigation and manufacturing capacity.

Gérard Josset, CEO of the Solabia Group commented,“In what some might consider being uncertain economic times, the establishment of Solabia USA Inc. will demonstrate the commitment of our organization to these market sectors.”

While the Solabia Group has been present in the United States for over 15 years through distribution, a US-based subsidiary will give it the chance to expand its R&D and marketing efforts.

“We are confident and excited about the possibilities to collaborate on all levels with our US customers, from conception to production, and look forward to developing with them specific and exclusive projects that mirror previous successful endeavors in Europe, Asia and South America. Not only will we better understand the market needs but the customers will benefit from a new source of ideas, ingredients and expertise,” added Josset in a company press release.

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