C&T magazine's Tech Awards Move to In-Cosmetics

Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine will present its International Technology Awards at In-Cosmetics Paris in 2010—just in time for the event’s 20-year celebration.

These R&D-focused awards recognize significant new technologies, as well as unique product campaigns, for their importance and long-term impact on the cosmetics and personal care industry. The award winners previously were announced at the HBA Global Exposition and Conference in New York.

Held annually in the Spring in a major European city, In-Cosmetics joins leading cosmetics R&D experts, suppliers, and production and marketing specialists from around the world to showcase a diverse range of ingredients and services—the perfect setting for C&T magazine to honor top innovators and marketers in the industry.

Regarding the repositioning of the awards, Rachel Grabenhofer, senior editor of C&T magazine, commented, “The awards were previously presented at HBA in New York, which was a great venue and built the industry’s awareness of them. However, we wanted to raise their profile by presenting them on an international stage, at an event that is highly focused on what the awards represent: innovation within cosmetics R&D. In-Cosmetics became the clear choice.”

Grabenhofer added that presenting the awards where competitors and colleagues gather under one roof is sure to spark some healthy competition. “Knowing the awards will be presented among peers and competitors should encourage innovators to nominate one another—and the more who participate, the better.”

C&T magazine will soon be accepting nominations for the two International Technology Awards. The New Technology Award features a technology from 2008/2009 that made and will continue to make an impact on the industry. Similarly, the New Technology Launch Award recognizes a marketing campaign for its impact on the industry and its originality. Nominations for both awards must be submitted by Jan. 11, 2010, at which point they will be reviewed by a select group of 25 R&D experts at leading cosmetic and personal care companies around the world, who will choose three finalists in each category. A separate industry jury will consider the top six finalists and select the winners.

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