Presperse Holds “Bring Your Child to Work Day”

Presperse LLC participated in the national “Bring Your Child to Work Day” on April 23, 2009, organizing a full day of activities introducing a number of children to the cosmetic industry. The activities started in the board room, where the children learned about the company and created their own business cards.

They then moved to the computers, where they created a process flowchart of the company’s daily activities, using icons to represent areas such as customer service, applications, purchasing, the sample department, the warehouse and finance. A tour then followed to each department, where the children heard about that department’s role in the company’s activities.

The cosmetic chemistry truly began when the children were brought into the applications labs, where they put on a lab coat and safety glasses before formulating their own colored sugar scrub, a cooling sunburn gel and a personally colored and flavored lip gloss.

The day was rounded out with hands on instruction on how to create a marketing campaign for the products. It was accompanied by pizza and an ice cream sundae party. According to the company, the children had a much better understanding and appreciation of what their parents do for a living, and how many different kinds of opportunities are open to them in the cosmetic industry.

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