Sederma, Crodarom Achieve Carbon Neutrality


Manufacturing activities for Sederma and Crodarom have become carbon neutral.

The two worked with ClimateCare on a project to protect the environment in, and improve the lives of the residents of, Indonesia’s Rimba Raya area by funding community initiatives and forest protection.

The Rimba Raya project includes the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve. The reserve looks after 44,263 hectares of tropical rainforest and peat swamp, and protects 90 endangers species including the Borneo bay cat and Bornean orangutan. It funds a network of forest patrols to prevent encroachment by palm oil estates and illegal loggers, and replants hundreds of hectares of degraded landed.

Additionally, communities within the Rimba Raya project are getting assistance to generate sustainable incomes via the marketing and selling of goods due to an investment in food hygiene certification, product packaging and branding to make them saleable products.

“The Rimba Raya project relies on funding from businesses like ours who take full responsibility for their carbon footprint,” said Arnaud Fournial, managing director of Crodarom and Sederma. “ With sustainability being at the very core of the Croda Group culture, and also a high priority for many of our customers, I am very pleased that as a result of our support the area will remain an important carbon sink, as well as a biodiverse ecosystem, and we will help to deliver environmental, social and financial benefits to the community.”

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