BASF Increases Price for U.S. Oleochemicals


BASF announced that there will be an increase in U.S. oleochemicals effective April 1. The following products groups that will be affected include:

  • Fatty Alcohol- Lanette, Lorol, Agnique and HD-Ocenols will increase $0.20/kg

  • Methyl Esters- Agnique and Pernil will increase $0.13/kg

  • Other Esters- Loxiol and Agnique will increase $0.20/kg

  • Betaines & Amphoterics- Dehyton adn Deriphat will increase $0.06/kg

  • Amides- Comperlan will increase $0.29/kg

  • High Active Sulfates- Texapon and Agnique will increase $0.18/kg

  • Low Active Sulfates & Dilutions- Standapol, Texapon and Disponils will increase $0.09/kg

  • High Active Sulfate Blends & Derivatives- Plantapon,Plantaren and Texapon will increase $0.08/kg
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