CP Kelco Establishes Business Units

CP Kelco has established three regional business units to better serve its customers. The three regions will be Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia Pacific and The Americas. The former vice president of global industrial products, David Edgington, will become vice president and regional manager of Europe/Middle East/Africa. Hyung Hahn will continue in the position of president of Asia Pacific. Martin Sapone, formerly director of global food sales, will become vice president and regional manager of the Americas.

The regional business units will be supported by three global teams. Didier Viala, vice president marketing and innovations, will lead an integrated team to develop and commercialize new products and applications. Akiva Gross, formerly vice president R&D, will serve as technology advisor to the president. Global manufacturing, engineering and environmental and regulatory compliance will be led by Russ Jordan, vice president global operations. Jerry Coughlin, vice president supply chain and services, will have responsibilities for purchasing, quality assurance, logistics and IT.

CP Kelco produces xanthan gum, pectin, carrageenan and carboxymethlyl cellulose. For more information, visit www.cpkelco.com.

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