Sally Hansen Expands Into Body Care

Sally Hansen, previously known for its nail care products and polishes, is expanding into body care. The company has announced plans to introduce products for the lips and legs in early 2007. Products for lips include Gentle Peel for Rough Lips, Smile Brightening Lip Treatment, Line Freeze for Lips, Full and Radiant Lip Definer, Healing Butter for Lips, Peptide Lip Line Treatment and Line Smoothing Mineral Lip Treatment.

Smile Brightening Lip Treatment reportedly features a formula of color-correcting pigments, blue botanicals and brightening pearls to give teeth a whiter appearance. The product also contains a breath freshener.

The company will also launch Airbrush Shimmer for legs and Hansen for Men, a line of grooming tools and products geared toward the new niche market. The company reportedly asked male consumers what kind of products they wanted before creating the new male line. Sally Hansen will continue to expand its nail care line.


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