Beiersdorf Set to Sell Soap Factory


Beiersdorf AG announced its plan yesterday to sell wholly owned affiliate Hirtler GmbH in Heitersheim. The factory is responsible for manufacturing soap for Hamburg-based Beiersdorf.  It also manufactures some soap for third-party suppliers.

According to Beiersdorf, the sale will not negatively affect the soap company, but will, instead, increase its profits. Beiersdorf reported that a suitable investor would contribute additional production volumes, satisfying the 93 current employees of Hirtler and possibly creating new jobs. The sale would also reportedly give Hirtler the opportunity to expand soap production for third-party suppliers.

The possible sale of Hirtler is part of Beiersdorf's Consumer Business Strategy. The company plans to save approximately €100 million per year and use those fund to invest in new innovations and products.

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