A Corporation Fit For Growth

The journey is nearly over for Symrise, as their structural re-orientation of the entire corporation is nearly complete. The restructuring began last summer after Gerold Linzbach took office as CEO.

Under the restructuring, the Aroma Chemicals and Cosmetics Ingredients divisions were consolidated to make the Sensory Ingredients division and the structure of the Operations division was established globally. There were many other changes made as part of Symrise’s initiative entitled “Fit for Growth,” which is not complete. Symrise reports a delivery reliability rate of 99 percent; however, there are two steps of restructuring left.

A new division will be created from the Fragrances and Sensory Ingredients sections. The new section, according to Symrise, will offer aroma chemicals, fragrance compositions, and cosmetic ingredients.

In an effort to improve customer focus, the Operations Division will also be integrated into all divisions. Symrise is hopeful the integration will improve client service. In correlation with the new restructuring, a new management team has been created including: Achim Daub, head of the new division; Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, head of the Flavors division and Rainer Grimm, who will retain his previous position as CFO.

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