Ciba Acquires Cantox Health Sciences International

Ciba Specialty Chemicals has broadened its regulatory consulting services through the acquisition of Cantox Health Sciences International, a leading scientific consulting firm. The firm, a privately owned company, specializes in developing scientific and strategic regulatory plans, resolving complex toxicology and scientific issues and facilitating timely regulatory approvals. Its specialized scientific staff of over 60 professionals is focused on a range of business areas: food and nutrition, pharmaceuticals and health care, chemicals and agriculture, biotech and consumer products.

According to Ciba, this acquisition complements its current expert services’ offering, which covers neat chemicals, polymers and end-use articles to be commercialized in domestic and international markets. “This focused transaction offers great advantage to customers of both organizations and fits well with our strategy of building on our core competencies,” said Adrian Knott, global head of the company’s expert services, in a press statement.

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