Aster Cosmetology, DermExpert Join Forces as DermExpert Int.

The combined forces of Aster Cosmetology and DermExpert are now operational and trading under the name of DermExpert Int. The objective of the merged entity reportedly is to become the European leader in evaluating and adding value to all skin care products (drug, cosmetics, nutricosmetic, medical device etc.) in terms of their tolerance and efficacy.

Contracts that have already been signed with Aster Cephac Cosmetology (master/financial agreements) will remain the same; the only change will be that the “aster.cephac” name will be replaced by DermExpert Int. Currently, the company has three sites in Paris but aims to situate them all in one building by the end of 2006. The company is developing a site in Marseille that will provide additional possibilities for testing, as well as international partnerships for clients that desiring testing their products for export.

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