Xytos Acquires Facility for Biomedical R&D

Xytos announced it has completed the purchase of a new medical facility in Mulgrave (Melbourne, Australia). The company says that with this purchase, it has taken a major step forward to globalize its “Next Generation Bio-Medical Technologies.” This state-of-the-art medical facility reportedly will allow the company to significantly increase the number of patients it can treat in Australia and Southeast Asia and patients from other areas of the world awaiting treatment until new centers are opened worldwide.

The medical facility will be altered to include two surgery theaters dedicated to the introduction and training of new biomedical technologies. It also will have on-site viewing as well as closed circuit televisions for training doctors and medical staff worldwide. The closed circuit televisions will also link to hospitals and universities around the world for collaboration and training.

Tim Cook, chairman and chief executive officer of Xytos Inc., commented, "With the success that we have achieved with our cancer treatment and diagnostic procedures as well as our success with bio-medical technologies in other areas to be announced, it was a logical next step forward to purchase this medical facility. With our plan to open treatment centers in locations around the world, the purchase of this medical facility will allow us to begin training our medical staff and doctors in our proprietary techniques in the areas of stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, and cellular medicine."

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