Purcell Jojoba Launches New Product, Web Site, and Revamps Tradeshow

Purcell Jojoba International celebrates 25 years with the launch of a new Web site, the re-vamping of its tradeshow look, and the introduction of a new product. According to the company, the newly revamped Web site features information about jojoba, the company, technical information and product information to not only serve as resource for products offered by the company, but also to offer insight about jojoba such as history, facts and studies. The company’s new tradeshow display reportedly received rave reviews. Also, the company says it has gained a competitive edge with its latest product, the PNJ Jojoba Bead 16/20 (INCI: Jojoba esters). This ingredient is claimed to be the largest-sized exfoliating jojoba bead available. For more information, visit: www.purcelljojoba.com.
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