Introduction to Cosmetic Valley

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Cosmetic Valley is an association that was initiated in 1994 with the objective to create localized synergies between numerous players in the cosmetic and perfumery industry; these players are concentrated in a region roughly forming a crescent stretching from just north of Paris to the deeper west and south. The principal cities in this crescent are: Tours, Blois, Orléans, Chartres, Evreux, Rouen, Versailles and Cergy-Pontoise, with Cosmetic Valley’s headquarters in Chartres. This region is a center for many research projects conducted in the multiple fields that constitute the cosmetic and perfumery industry.

Cosmetic Valley has been a “competitiveness center” (pôle de compétitivité) since 2005, joining more than 500 companies that operate in related cosmetic and perfumery segments such as packaging, formulation and perfumery. Companies include world-famous brands and brand owners such as L'Oréal, LVHM (notably, its Guerlain and Dior brands), Chanel, Paco Rabanne, Clarins, Coty, Lancaster and Hermès; six universities; and 200 research laboratories. Member companies are required to realize at least 30% of their overall sales in cosmetics and perfumery, and they must be established or maintain facilities in the Cosmetic Valley’s geographic region. In addition, they must be sponsored for membership. Cosmetic Valley is unique because it brings together most of the greatest names known worldwide in cosmetics and perfumery, and because of the interconnectedness of its members whose efforts are highly concentrated.

The objective of Cosmetic Valley is to strengthen its position as the premier worldwide resource center in cosmetics and perfumery. Within Cosmetic Valley, one will find:

  • products, skills and savoir faire
  • training opportunities and related specialized human resources
  • research centers
  • a territory in which one can easily develop or establish a base in an environment that is superbly conducive to activity in cosmetics and perfumery

The association’s values are founded on a shared approach of environmental responsibility, with a common dynamic that is predominantly focused on innovation and supported by the work of research laboratories. Members take part in any number of activities including research projects and focus issues ranging from REACH and anti-counterfeit measures, to responsible purchasing and environmental responsibility; international trade shows; themed events such as networking evenings; and conferences organized by Cosmetic Valley.

Together, member companies accomplish much more than they would alone.

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