A Virtual Makeover

Last month I wrote how excited we were to debut our digital online magazine. This month, we at Cosmetics & Toiletries are pleased to present our fresh new Web face, still accessible at www.cosmeticsandtoiletries.com.

In the past, we offered our readers access to information via both our Cosmetics & Toiletries Web site and The Cosmetic Site (a site comprised of C&T and our sister publication, GCI). And although we loved sharing a site with GCI, it’s time to move on and get closer to our readers. By limiting our Web site to just our core audience, we’ll be able to do a better job of getting that targeted industry news straight into your lap.

Visitors on the new site will discover a harmonious mix of re-energized favorite features, coupled with exciting new elements. On the revamped site, we also offer expanded content, targeted news, and an eye-catching design.

Knowing how important our readers’ time is, the site has been streamlined making navigating simple and the new layout is so much more aesthetically pleasing. New features have been added including user polls, association listings, and educational forums. We also offer more Web-exclusive articles, original reporting, new raw material launches, and more industry links.

The improvements will keep coming. The next phase launch will include an online article index, an industry directory, scores of formulations and a “creative” community corner. Eventually, we will host live author chats and Q&A’s.

I encourage every reader to visit our “new” site and voice your opinion. We want your input, good and bad. Really. Because in the end, the site is yours. As always, I hope you find this issue interesting and informative.

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