Digital and Print: The Total Package

After much deliberation and research, Cosmetics & Toiletries took a leap in April and launched a digital online version of our magazine.

At the April in-cosmetics show in Berlin, some attendees seemed quizzical as to why we chose to offer the identical content online as we do in print: the same features, authors, columns and information. For free* (to qualified subscribers).

To some, it just didn’t seem to make sense. To us, the plan seemed logical.

By offering both the digital and hardcopy versions on the magazine, it offers the opportunity to our readers to partake in the best of both worlds: the hardcopy that they love and immediate access to the latest information at a fingertip.

Although the sky has been threatening to fall out on print media for some time now, I am convinced it is here to stay. As one of our readers in Berlin said to me, “You cannot curl up in bed at night with a computer.”

However print takes time, valuable time that cannot be afford to be lost in today’s frenzy of speedier time-to-market deadlines.

This marriage of print and digital serves our reader completely. They now have the option of perusing the latest C&T online as soon as it hits the “stands,” without giving up the permanence of the hardcopy version.

Readers may still take comfort of reaching for that print version lining their work shelves, referencing it, and placing the dogeared copy back on the shelf to join the other archived C&T’s.

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