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Rahn Celebrates 75 Years in Zurich

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Rahn is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2015. In 1940, during World War II, Hans Rahn founded Rahn AG in Zurich as a one-man business. The Swiss corporate group now has six subsidiaries and a total workforce of 114, while retaining its home base in Zurich.

The group provides natural and synthetic raw materials and services for the paints/coatings, cosmetics and foodstuffs industries in 50 countries. Designated R&D departments facilitate ongoing product development and application support for a diverse range of customers. As a result, the company is driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Rahn AG continues to be a family business, shaped by members of the Zurich-based Rahn family. Hans Rahn, Hans Konrad Rahn and Ana Patricia Rahn Erden represent three generations of this family, which first started making its mark on Zurich’s history several centuries ago. The company also serves as a positive example for other SMEs. Though firmly rooted in Switzerland, the company’s outlook was international from the start, and it now enjoys a strong position in many countries.

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The anniversary celebrations planned for 2015 cover a range of internal and public events. In keeping with the focus of the Rahn Cultural Fund, a concert will be held in Zurich on Feb. 23, 2015, featuring international top cellist Sol Gabetta, with a gala dinner afterward for invited guests. Inspired by the traditions of the Hans Konrad Rahn Foundation, the company and several staff members will be taking part in a community campaign in the Zurich area.

Of course, the anniversary year will also be a chance to look ahead – further investments in geographical expansion and innovation capacity are set to lay the foundations for the next 75 years of success.

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